Featured Films

Stoned Kids

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 US states, but while it's legal, there are many use cases that are controversial, like medical marijuana for children.


The Jackie Robinson Story

In one of the most convincing baseball biographies you are likely to see, this film chronicles Brooklyn Dodgers second baseman Jackie Robinson. The documentary follows Robinson from his early college


Kill Him Silently

Kill Him Silently unveils the story behind Mossad's bungled bid to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. In September, 2007, the Israeli secret service tried to kill Khaled Meshaal, the Palestinian political leader of the Hamas movement.


Bring Your ‘A’ Game

A documentary film in which a 17 year old African-American male encounters prominent Black male icons ('A' Gamers) from diverse fields in a hip, computer-generated video game-style world.


Dogfighting Undercover

Dogfighting Undercover is a documentary made by the BBC that goes deep into the secret and dangerous world of dogfighting. For over 18 months, an undercover team operated alongside international gangs in Europe, in an attempt to capture the organised fights on camera.


The Beautiful Truth

When a troubled 15 year old boy attempts to cope with the recent passing of his mother, who died from cancer, he sets out to research Dr. Max Gerson's claims of a diet that can cure the deadly disease.


Ape Man: Adventures In Human Evolution

In this landmark documentary series about the evolution of man answers fundamental questions. Who were our ancestors? When did they first walk the earth? Why did man survive when other species became extinct?


The Luxury Life of Dubai

Piers Morgan enters one of the most successful cities in the world, Dubai. In just 20 years Dubai, one of the seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates, turned from a sandy desert into a dazzling oasis of skyscrapers and giant man-made islands.


Republic P 47 Thunderbolt

At roughly twice the weight as its contemporaries, it was simply called the jug, because stood on its nose, the plane looked like a milk jug.