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Technocalyps film, watch, documentary Watch
Technocalyps is a three-part documentary series on the notion of transhumanism by Belgian visual artist and filmmaker Frank Theys. The accelerating advances in genetics, brain research, artificial intelligence, bionics and
The Russian Revolution In Colour film, watch, documentary Watch
History93 Mins
The Russian Revolution In Colour
The remarkable story of the revolution that changed the world forever. Cold, hungry and disillusioned, the Russian factory workers of Petrograd staged a demonstration about a lack of bread during
Air Crash Investigation: Hudson River Runway film, watch, documentary Watch
History44 Mins
Air Crash Investigation: Hudson River Runway
US Airways Flight 1549 was US Airways' scheduled domestic commercial passenger flight from LaGuardia Airport in New York City to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, North Carolina. On January 15, 2009,
A Thousand Suns film, watch, documentary Watch
Philosophy27 Mins
A Thousand Suns
This film takes us to African Rift Valley where we meet the people who hold a unique view of the world. The Gamo Highlands is an isolated area that has
AFOL: A Blocumentary about Lego film, watch, documentary Watch
Arts29 Mins
AFOL: A Blocumentary about Lego
AFOLs are “Adult Fans Of Legos” who devote all their free time and money to building elaborate creations using Lego blocks. But who are these mega-geeks that remain obsessed with

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Nothing beats a good documentary film. Whether it's introducing you to the Dark Side of Chocolate, or taking you inside the minds of those influencing our society, our documentary films online have a powerful way of not only expanding one's knowledge, but the ability of bringing a story to life.

We must remember, while documentaries have the potential for effecting change, the balance between hype and reality, truth and fiction, and exaggerated claims is something we need to consider when watching films. The Documentary Lovers library of films, movies and short vidoes is hand-picked, and offers everybody free streaming that ranges from award winners to first time filmmakers.

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Recommended Movies
The Gerson Miracle, documentary, free Watch
Health90 Mins
The Gerson Miracle
This documentary film introduces us to Dr. Max Gerson, the physician who created an innovative dietary therapy that has been proven to not only cure cancer, but help with other
Gettysburg, documentary, free Watch
War87 Mins
Framed by former President Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address, this documentary takes a hard look at the battle of Gettysburg from the perspective of the soldiers on either side of
War Hospital, documentary, free Watch
War85 Mins
War Hospital
Shot in cinema-verite style, this feature doc immerses us in the sights and sounds of the world's largest field hospital, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Sudan. The
I Helped My Daughter Die, documentary, free Watch
Crime29 Mins
I Helped My Daughter Die
What drives a mother to help her child die? For almost a year, Kay Gilderdale was the center of an Assisted Suicide trial after she was charged with attempted murder
The Trials of Henry Kissinger, documentary, free Watch
War79 Mins
The Trials of Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and one of the most famous diplomats in American history, yet armed with recent evidence, his critics claim that some
Derren Brown: The Heist, documentary, free Watch
Psychology48 Mins
Derren Brown: The Heist
Could Derren persuade any of his group of responsible, middle-management businessmen and women to steal £100,000 in an armed robbery? Such was the premise for one of Derren's most ambitious
The Rockefellers, documentary, free Watch
Biography134 Mins
The Rockefellers
There has never been a name in US that has been despised like the Rockefeller name, due to John D. Rockefeller Sr.’s feared monopoly, Standard Oil. But what many do
What Ever Happened to Hip Hop?, documentary, free Watch
What Ever Happened to Hip Hop?
Overcoming the odds, the originators of hip hop took their music from block parties on New York City streets to worldwide radio waves. During Hip Hop's years, the music and
Anima, documentary, free Watch
Psychology154 Mins
ANIMA uses a collaboration of various material to examine how our relationships with ourselves, other people and the environment we live in. The theme of the video is to include
Shark SuperHighway, documentary, free Watch
Shark SuperHighway
Shark SuperHighway is a film by the National Geographic channel that examines the evolution and behavior of the hammerhead shark, the film follows a team of scientists that are trying