Featured Films

The Truth About Exercise

Michael Mosley looks at some extraordinary new research that suggests that we can get many of the health benefits of exercise by doing a high intensity workout for just three minutes per week


Trench Town

This film takes us to the birthplace of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, to meet the kids to risk their lives everyday, and that's just getting to school.


Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Obese, loaded up on steroids and suffering from an autoimmune disease, Joe Cross isn't what you would consider a healthy person.


24 hours on craigslist

It's a simple text based, free online posting service that people can use to sell their goods, find love, and recruit potentials for their business.


Philosophy and the Matrix

This is one of the two feature-length documentaries on the Ultimate Matrix Collection. It goes over many philosophical concepts that inspired, and are presented in, the trilogy.


Stoned Kids

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 US states, but while it's legal, there are many use cases that are controversial, like medical marijuana for children.


Fires of Kuwait

Fires of Kuwait takes a breathtaking look inside the massive oil well fires in Kuwait, started by Saddam Hussein's retreating troops during the Gulf War.


The History Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, but many coffee drinkers fail to realize just what goes into making a decent cup of coffee, or the just what it takes to get those delicious beans into our cups so we can start the day off right.


Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America

Filmmaker David Thomas takes us on a spiritual journey into the world of spirit channeling. It's an ancient phenomenon where an individual is able to make a psychic connection with a spirit being.


The Jackie Robinson Story

In one of the most convincing baseball biographies you are likely to see, this film chronicles Brooklyn Dodgers second baseman Jackie Robinson. The documentary follows Robinson from his early college