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Nev's blossoming relationship online is being recorded by his brother for a documentary. But it doesn't take long before he realises his new relationship is full of lies and deception.


Confessions of an Undercover Cop

Mark Kennedy, Britain's most controversial undercover police officer, this gripping and revelatory documentary tells the definitive, inside story of Mark Stone/Kennedy. This cutting edge film also features interviews with the police to reconstruct the story of how Mark Kennedy


Science of Steroids

Millions of people around the world used steroids, including those you would least expect, and what most people who take the drug don't realise is that they are playing a game of Russian roulette with their lives.


Leopard Queen

Manana is a wild leopard. She kills with ease and usually hunts alone… until now. With a unique friendship, wildlife cameraman John Varty gains the rare privilege of access to her mysterious world.


Bob Marley

The legendary singer, came of age on the hard streets of Trenchtown in Kingston Jamaica, what he referred to as the concrete jungle.


Reach for the Skies

It's been billed as the smartest jet fighter on the planet, designed to strike enemies in the air and on the ground without being detected by radar. After a decade of intensive development, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is over budget, a long way behind schedule


The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle is a controversial documentary film that suggests that the scientific opinion on climate change is influenced by funding and political factors, and questions whether scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming exists.


The Big Uneasy

In 2005, New Orleans media reported that a natural disaster had struck the city. The media's inability to tell the truth was soon unravelled when the real reason behind the floods that caused widespread damage