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The Islamic State

Filmmaker Medyan Dairieh takes us into the horrifying world of the Sunni jihadist extremists. Until recently the world knew them as ISIS, now they simply call themselves the Islamic State (IS).


Planet Ocean

In this beautifully filmed documentary, we go on an adventure deep into one our planets greatest mysteries - the oceans. It's a reminder of the bond between humans and nature, emphasising the duty that every one of us has to respect and protect the oceans around us.


Spent: Looking For Change

A look at everyday Americans without financial support that most of us take for granted. They turn to pawn shops to sell their goods, check cashing services


Last Lioness

A lonely roar echoes across Zambia’s Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, and there hasn’t been for many years. Poaching has wiped out her kind, for over five years she has had to survive alone. But this year, her world could change, will she...


Short and Male

A short guy who is sensitive about his height is in deep trouble. Most people don't understand the changes that a short man has to make in order to live a fulfilling life


Supersize vs Superskinny

Over eight weeks, eight underweight people are booked into the feeding clinic for a diet swap. Some are shockingly obese, while others are borderline anorexic.


Who Gets the Best Jobs?

Not since the early 20th century has society in Britain been so unequal. Birth and not worth has become more and more a key determinant about peoples life chances.


Fukushima’s Cancer Hotspot

Fukushima has been a huge and devastating drama, but it is has become what most Japanese fear the most, cancer. Amid all the allegations of government secrecy and cover-ups, there are worrying new claims that the cancer