10 Things You Need to Know About Weight Loss

Losing weight, it’s something that a lot of us have at least tried once in our lives. Whether you’re trying to lose weight from over eating during the festive season or it’s just too damn cold outside to exercise, losing weight is something most of us fail to see through. You only have to turn on the television for a few hours or flick through a magazine and you’re sure to come across an advertisement offering dietary advice on how to lose those extra pounds.

It’s no surprise that the weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars, over 20 billion in the US alone, but from books to diet drugs and all the tips and tricks, how do we know what really works?

In this documentary, BBC’s Michael Mosley sets out to investigate the latest scientific breakthroughs, uncovering ten simple ways you can shed those unwanted pounds. From the slimming secrets of soups diets to our brain’s response after skipping means, what Mosley discovers may change how you think about dieting and health.

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