Ape Man: Adventures In Human Evolution

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In this landmark documentary series about the evolution of man answers fundamental questions. Who were our ancestors? When did they first walk the earth? Why did man survive when other species became extinct?

These questions have inspired scientists throughout the ages to piece together the fragmentary clues the early humans left behind. This direct and involving story of their detective work in search of the truth about our evolution takes us through the breakthroughs and setbacks in the epic journey towards the truth about our shared past, and we discover that our early ancestors were, in many ways, people like us.

At the heart of this documentary are stunning dramatic recreations which bring into focus the lives of the early humans.

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  1. Evolution is a lie. We did not evolve. We were created by God. There are so many things about evolution that don’t make sense…. Where did love “evolve” from. If we evolved out of necessity, then why are our “ancestors” still here on earth?

    If you believe in evolution, please take a deep look at it. It is lies. Read the Bible, it is the truth of God. Jesus Christ is God Almighty, believe on Him and trust Him.

    1. Even if you don’t believe in evolution why read the bible? Why not the Quran, the Mahabratta, the Torah or even the Illiad? What makes the bible so special?

      1. It is the only book in history written by 40 different authors from different times making sense from start to finish, and book that predicted future historical events like the jewish holocaust. Nobody has found the missing link of evolution to this day. Where are the fossils of the millions of intermediates between chimp and man? And why do monkeys still exist? It is not scientific, it’s a religion. Google Kent Hovind for more info.

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