The Art of Deception

As online technology continues to develop, video streaming sites like youtube and vimeo make it possible for anyone to broadcast information, even if the information they express is based on lies.

In an academic environment, a paper must have detailed citations according to a set of university standards, but in a film, anything goes. The Art of Deception uncovers how documentary films can be constructed to communicate truth, brainwash an audience and push agendas.

The film details how the media has become a puppet for powerful people. For example, Al gore used his An Inconvenient Truth documentary, as a puppet to persuade people that climate change is a real problem.

The Unites States government used the popular youtube film Kony 2012, or the invisible children, as a puppet to invade Uganda after they discovered huge amounts of untapped oil. The illuminati used Zeitgeist as a puppet to destroy religion and to scare the population about their own existence.

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  • alan

    does this mean, the documentaries were right? am confused now