The Battle of The Bulge

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The year was 1944, and it looked like the war in Europe was finally coming to an end. Hitler was hiding in a bunker, the Allies had taken back Paris, Naples and Rome. And for the soldiers, they were starting to enjoy themselves after five long years at war.

However, Hitler wasn’t going to give up so easily. In December, 1994, he struck back with a counter-attack that has come to be known as the Battle of the Bulge. It is the bloodiest battler US soldiers have ever fought, over 80,000 were killed or injured.

This film takes us back to the battle through the eyes of the soldiers, combat officers and the young men who showed courage and endurance as they fought the Nazi’s.

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The Battle of The Bulge 2004 documentary movie, default video feature image, click play to watch stream online

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