Beyonce: Year of 4

Beyonce: Year of 4 Learn what inspired Beyonce's fourth solo album, 4. In the documentary she opens up and gives fans an insight into how she is ready to get back to the fun of making music.

Beyonce: Year of Four is a documentary giving us a peek into Beyonce’s year-long personal and artistic journey that inspired her fourth solo album, 4.

In the film she describes that she was ready to get back to the fun of it all. She spoke on leaving her only manager she’s ever had – her father. And she revealed why saying, “a real change meant separating from him.”

After being exhausted from constant videos, photo shoots, interviews, travel and her last world tour, Bey says she decided to take a year to herself just to do fun things she’s always wanted to do. Like travel and spend time with family and friends.

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