Big Bucks Big Pharma


One fact of life today is that many prescription drugs are household names. It seems these days you cannot sit down and watch television without seeing drug company commercials of some kind. And the pharmaceutical industry is successfully promoting these drugs to us by using one of the most respected professions in society, doctors.

Advising us to “ask our doctor” gives us the impression that if our doctor recommends it, then it must be good. And many of us rush off to our doctor asking to be prescribed this new miraculous drug.

When really pharmaceutical companies are just good at using illness and disease to manipulate us to make huge profits.

All this and more is covered in Big Bucks Big Pharma. The documentary takes a comprehensive look into these questionable marketing practices, interviewing media scholars and health professionals to help us understand how these companies use glamorous advertising to sell us these prescription drugs.

Big Bucks Big Pharma documentary challenges us all to raise necessary questions about the implications of relying on a for-profit industry for our health and well-being.

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