Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back

A classic documentary film that captures Bob Dylan as her transforms from folk prophet to rock trendsetter. Filmed during a British tour in 1965, the documentary employs a vérité style that was, and is, a great fit with Dylan’s persona. Featuring black and white photography and London backdrops the footage used in the film suggests a typical portrait that graced Dylan’s 60s album covers.

Pennebaker’s access to the legendarily private troubadour enables us to witness Dylan’s shifting moods as he performs, relaxes with his entourage, and jousts with other musicians, fans, and the media. It’s a measurement of the filmmaker’s acuity that the conversations are often as gripping as Dylan’s solo performances.

Grossman’s machinations with British promoters, Baez’s hip serenity, a grizzled British journalist’s surrender to the fact of Dylan’s artistry, and the artist’s own taunting dismissal of a clueless sycophant are all absorbing.

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