Britney Off The Rails

Britney Off The Rails Documentary tracing the history of Britney Spears love/hate relationship with the media and her struggle with her public image

Early in 2007, pop princess, Britney Spears treated the tabloids to a dramatic public breakdown. Even by the wild standards of celebrity behavior, what Britney did was unprecedented.

At 25 years old, the twice-divorced mother of two shaved her head in full view of the paparazzi. Looking like she was on overload, she looked like she had something on her mind, on a mission and nobody was going to stop her.

Was this the act of a former star on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or was it merely just a PR stunt, designed to stick two fingers up at the paparazzi, who has hounded her since she was a teenager.

Clearly, something had pushed Britney to risk alienating her fans and the media forever.

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