The Bully Project

The Bully Project reveals the hidden lives of children who are the victims of the bullying crisis that over 13 million American kids currently face at school each day. The film follows a group of students and their families, documenting the effects bulling is having on not only the kids, but the whole family. It takes a look at the story of Tyler Long and Ty Smalley, two children who committed suicide as a result of being bullied.

Film-maker Lee Hirsch, who is a victim of bullying, stated during an interview that the being bulled as a child was the inspiration behind the film.

“I felt that the hardest part of being bullied was communicating,” Hirsch said. “And getting help. I couldn’t enroll people’s support. People would say things like ‘get over it,’ even my own father and mother. They weren’t with me. That was a big part of my wanting to make the film. It’s cathartic on a daily basis.”

Hirsch hopes The Bully Project will inspire advocacy, engagement, and empowerment not just in the children being bullied, but by those who stand there watching and doing nothing to help. He stated, “I hope we build something that’s really sustainable. I hope this takes on a life of its own.”

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  1. The full film is not available yet, if/when it becomes available this page will be updated. 🙂

  2. alrite thanks for the info. Right now, there is nowhere to watch this, I mean NOWHERE. Its not even in theatres here.

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