Children Of The Secret State

North Korea has a population of 22 million, and up to 3 million people have starved to death in the last 10 years. More than 40% of North Korean children now suffer from chronic malnutrition.

Children of the Secret State investigates North Korea, considered by many as the last Stalinist dictatorship, a hidden and sealed country riddled with propaganda and saturated with hostility to democracy and the West.

Joe Layburn and the Hardcash team discovered a young North Korean, known by the pseudonym Ahn Chol, who has been filming undercover so that the world can see what is going on in his native land: the country where his parents both starved to death.

His devastating footage shows some of the estimated 200,000 street children, mainly orphans, foraging for food in the mud and the gutters, ignored by the adults around them and ignored by the police state which claims they are at its bosom.

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