Corporate Fascism

Today’s corporations make it obvious that they contribute huge amounts of money on political campaigns of the presidents and congressmen. These powerful corporations spend millions hiring former government employees to lobby congress to pass laws that serve the interest of the corporation. That being said, how has our society allowed these large entities to monopolize government?

The use of political power to benefit special interest groups were of concern to the founding fathers – these small groups in society are only concerned themselves, disregarding any benefit to others.

The US governments system of “interventionism” today serves the interest of the lobbyists and they represent the international corporations, because they have influence, so they say is that what we need is a lobbying reform to keep the lobbyists away from lobbying, but that is not the answer because lobbying is petitioning the government and we have the right to do that.

There are two answers to that. One, if we had the right people in Washington, the right members of the Congress, who would not yield to the temptation of being influenced by money, the whole program would cease to exist, they wouldn’t have anymore influence, but that doesn’t seem to happen. The real solution is getting the government out of the business of being able to pass out favors, so there is no incentive for the businessman to come and lobby the member of Congress.

Have we as a society allowed big corporate entities to introduce new laws that don’t benefit the people? The lawyers will tell you that corporations are people. They will try and convince the public that they’re good corporate citizens. But can we consider a corporation a citizen or even a person? And what about a multinational corporation, is it even a citizen of any particular country?

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