Damocracy: Debunking Dams as Clean Energy

Damocracy is a short documentary movie that debunks dams as being a renewable “green” energy source. The film exposes this myth using the Amazonia and Mesopotamia as examples.

Film maker Todd Southgate travels from the deepest corners of the vast Amazon rainforest in Brazil to the mountains and plains of fertile upper Mesopotamia in south east Turkey. He meets academics, lawyers, campaigners and local communities whose livelihood is threatened by two monster dam projects; Belo Monte in Brazil and Ilisu in Turkey.

The documentary shows the potential disasters these dams would cause on cultural heritage, wildlife and local communities who rely on the rich natural resources provided by the Tigris and Xingu rivers.

Damocracy questions the sanity of climate change solutions that depend on the destruction of “the lungs of the Earth” and “the cradle of civilization”. It is a call to action to save this priceless natural and cultural heritage being gambled for the interests of a few.

Large dams cause irreversible damage to people, nature and culture, yet they are widely promoted as clean energy. Damocracy.org is an international initiative striving to debunk this myth. We aim to stop monster dam projects such as Belo Monte in the Amazon and Ilisu in southeast Turkey to prevent the loss of priceless natural and cultural heritage to the short-sightedness of business and governments.

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