Dirt! The Movie

A film exploring our relationship with Dirt, and we couldn’t be closer. Our journey started together as stardust, swirled by cosmic forces into our solar system, and planet. We are both made from the same stuff. Dirt took four billion years to evolve as the living source of all life on Earth. Four billion years of evolution created dirt as the living source of all life on Earth including humans. Dirt has given us food, protection from bad weather, fuel, medicines, flowers, cosmetics and color – everything we need to survive.

For the best part of ten thousand years we have understood our bond with dirt and nature. We once cared for the things that cared us. But, over the years, we lost that connection. Humans became greedy and careless. Will still depend on soil, but today we abuse and ignore it. We continue to damage one of our last natural resources with our agriculture, mining, and paving over the planet for cities. Our neglect has impacted the skin of the earth, turning it into a hellish and dangerous landscape for all life on earth.

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