Directed by Shaun Monson and narrated by Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix, Earthlings offers an in-depth look at how we as humans use – and ultimately depend on – animals. Vegans and carnivores can unite to learn more from this powerful and informative documentary.

Despite human and animals inhabiting the earth at the same time, it is us humans who tend to dominate, treating other living species as mere objects.

Beginning with identifying the three stages of truth – ridicule, violent opposition and acceptance – this documentary uses hidden cameras and never-before-seen footage to look at how animals are used in a variety of ways: as pets, for food, for clothing, in entertainment, and in scientific research. However, the one thing that ties all of these environments together is the complete disregard and violation of equality for these so-called “non-human providers.”

Earthlings shines a light on all areas of animal-related industries, from pet stores, puppy mills and factory farms, through to leather and fur fashion trades, the entertainment industry and scientific research.

What began as a series of public service announcements about neutering pets, evolved into this thought-provoking film. Monson took six years to secretly shoot and obtain the horrific footage that forms this film.

Of all the comprehensive documentary productions of recent times, Earthlings is one of the most informative and powerful films about humanity’s relationship with nature and animals – which is ultimately all about economic profit.

Also boasting a soundtrack by Moby, Earthlings is a commanding animal rights documentary that will leave viewers stunned, intrigued and empowered to make change happen. It is essential viewing for anyone who cares about animals and wants to see justice for our fellow inhabitants of this great planet of ours.

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