Enlighten Up!

Kate Churchill is a dedicated yoga practitioner who insists that yoga can transform anyone. She decides to prove it. Her plan: Immerse Nick Rosen, a skeptical 29 year-old man living in New York City in yoga, then follow him until he finds a yoga practice that transforms him.

Intrigued by the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of a 5.7 billion dollar spiritual industry, Nick signs on to investigate yoga for 6 months. He finds himself twisted up like a pretzel, surrounded by celebrity yogis, true believers, entrepreneurs and a gentle teacher from Brazil who leads his class with his feet behind his head.

The more Nick investigates yoga the more contradictions he discovers, leading him to question whether yoga is anything more than a workout. As Nick searches for concrete facts and discards the lofty spiritual theories of his yoga teachers, he strays further from Kate’s original plan.

The two find themselves lost in Northern India, embroiled in a struggle between Kate’s expectations and Nick’s overt rejection of spirituality. They circle the world talking to mystics, gurus, mad men and saints searching for the true meaning of yoga.

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