This documentary examines what caused America to go from being a leading exporter of oil to the world’s largest importer?

What are the economic and sociological forces that have contributed to that change and impede its solution?

Gas Hole is an eye-opening documentary about the history of oil prices and sheds light on a secret that the big oil companies don’t want you to know – that there are viable and affordable alternatives to petroleum fuel!

It also provides a detailed examination of our continued dependence on foreign oil and examines various potential solutions – starting with claims of buried technology that dramatically improves gas mileage, to navigating bureaucratic governmental roadblocks, to evaluating different alternative fuels that are technologically available now, to questioning the American Consumers’ reluctance to embrace alternatives.

Narrated by Peter Gallagher, hear from a wide range of opinions from representatives of the US Department of Energy Representatives, Congressional leaders both Democrat and Republican, Alternative Fuel Producers, Alternative Fuel Consumers, Professors of Economics and Psychology and more.

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