Herman Goering: Ambition without Conscience

The name of Hermann Goering is one of infamy. This documentary tells his story. The son of an aristocratic family, Goering, the World War I fighter pilot ace, became Hitler’s right-hand man.

The doors opened by Goering’s high-level contacts made possible Hitler’s ascent to power. In gratitude, Hitler made Goering chief of the Luftwaffe, Prime Minister of Prussia, head of the Gestapo, and his designated successor.

Mental illness and drug addiction contributed to Goering’s political demise after the disaster in the Battle of Britain. When World War II ended, Goering was convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials and sentenced to death. Two hours before his scheduled hanging, he committed suicide, thus ending the life of one of the most misguided figures in modern times.

Archival news footage and scholarly commentary tell of his rise to power and the abuse of it that led to his destruction.

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