Hitler’s Family: In the Shadow of the Dictator

Adolf Hitler consistently refused to reveal the true family lineage in fear that his ancestors and living relatives could unmask his imperfect Aryan background.

Hard as he tries, he is never able to elude his family’s legacy of incest, mental impairments and shame. His father is born out of wedlock. His mother is a first cousin to his father. His second cousin, Aloisia Veit, was locked up in an institution for over nine year before being sent to the gas chambers for being “unworthy of life”.

Extremely embarrassed by his sister Paula, Hitler mader her live under the name of Paula Wolf. She was engaged to Dr Erwin Jekelius, medical director of the asylum who sent hundreds of mentally ill patients, including Aloisia Veit, to their deaths.

Featuring authentic film footage of interviews with family members, this film offers a rare glimpse into the Hitler’s family memoirs and personal photo albums.

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