Inside the Living Body

Inside the Living Body Go beneath the skin to see how your body is constantly changing from birth to old age, and the amazing biological systems you need to thrive
Martin Williams

From our very first cry to our last breath, second-by-second our bodies are undergoing continuous changes. Everywhere we go and each time we move we trigger a reaction through our skin, bones, organs and cells.

In your lifetime you will, on average, inhale 700 million times and your skeleton will be replaced every seven to ten years. You will shed as many as 30,000 dead skin cells every sixty seconds, and the food you eat will travel nine meters on its journey through your body.

Inside the Living Body takes us beneath the skin to show us how our bodies are constantly evolving from birth to old age, and the amazing biological systems we need to thrive.

The documentary traces one woman’s story, using milestones to examine the everyday workings of a living functioning body in ways not seen on video before.

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