Lions on the Edge

A life or death quest for water is under way in Tanzania. The Ruaha river is dry and the few remaining ponds are teeming with animals. The creatures of the Savana are forced to flee, while a parade of predators follows, victims in the river bed of sand will soon number in the dozens. The animals fight over the smallest pond or puddle, even bed for the muddy holes abandoned by the might elephants. The clan of an old lioness may well dictate the rules of this battle.

The extreme drought of the Savana has forced an old lioness and her pride to leave the plain, in hunt for food, all senses sharpened. One of their targets is a Waterbuck, and the weary animal is extremely vulnerable in the tall grasses, where visibility is virtually zero. One month earlier, this pride of lions who have had to swim, in what is now just a bed of sand. And the kill, is a lifesaver for this large ravenous pride.

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