Lolita: Slave to Entertainment

Lolita: Slave to Entertainment They are ripped from the oceans and their families, shipped around the world to enter into a life of slavery and entertainment. This is the film the theme parks around the world don't want you to see.

Whales are the epitome of freedom, freedom from restriction, boundaries and arbitrary control. They are free to roam the world’d oceans at will, unhindered and unconfined. Without tether or bondage they’re are free to wonder, play and explore. They live in a world that is older than ours, they move finished and complete. They live with senses humans either lost or never attained and they live by voices we shall never comprehend. Born free, nature has intended them to stay that way and exempt from domination, for now. But are orca whales safe from the hands of human tyranny. This is the documentary the theme parks around the world don’t want you to see.

In 1970, six young orca whales are ripped from the ocean and their families, sold to marine parks and shipped around the world to enter into a life of slavery and entertainment. Over three decades later only one is still alive, and she just happens to be Miami’s biggest performer.

Lolita: Slave to Entertainment is a stirring wake up call. For those who have visited a marine park, for those who think they might do so in the future, and for those who simply wish to know the truth about performing marine mammals, this film is a must see.

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