M.I. YAYO This documentary film explores the billion-dollar cocaine industry that helped build the rapper’s hometown by examining the city’s 10 most notorious drug lords.

Explore the billion-dollar cocaine industry that helped build M.I. YAYO’s hometown. Director Chris Larceny has compared it to the wildly popular documentary Cocaine Cowboys, but with a greater emphasis on the actions and mind states of the people intimately involved in the business.

Using news footage, first hand accounts and interviews with the friends and families of those involved to document the influx of money into Miami in the 80’s and 90’s and its effects on the city. “When I was touring in Europe with Port of Miami, the media question of the day was, “What is the ‘other side of the bridge?'”

Ross explained in a statement announcing the release. “People all over the world want to know about this side of Miami, I give it to them in M.I.Yayo. “It is incredibly shocking, and many think Miami is South Beach, that’s it. The world wants to know the real deal and this is it with M.I.Yayo.”

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