Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She

The documentary Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She examines the diversity of human sexual orientation and gender variance, touching on the importances of understanding nature vs. nurture.

With commentary by scientific experts and real life experiences from people all around the world, the film seeks to show us the science behind a persons sexual preference.

One family in the movie introduces one of their children, Noah who is 8 years old. Noah has a keen interest in girls clothing and dancing. He enjoys making clothes and make-up dances to music. But an 8 year old boy’s feminine activities are seen as not normal. Noah comes from a Mid-Western, conservative, Christian family where it is believed to be wrong for Noah to like and wear girl’s clothing.

His parents struggle with their son’s feminine side, but soon come to the realization that he was in fact born this way and not their parenting.

Noah’s parents eventually decide to ignore what everyone has to say and has gone against what the bible has told them, and have changed the conservative beliefs that they were brought up with, it is more important to them that Noah is happy and having fun in his choices.

This documentary and Noah’s story not only shows the science of someone’s sexual orientation happens before birth and is already pre determined while still in the womb.

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