Miss Representation

Miss Representation exposes the bold reality of a society that we live in but yet we fail to see. Jennifer Newsom uncovers how the media portrays women in positions of power and influence. The film challenges how media sexism plays a part in a women’s ability to attain leadership roles. In a society where the media is the most convincing force shaping norms, the message is clear that a woman’s power lies in her youth, physical attractiveness, her sexuality, and not in her capability as a frontrunner.

Over the past 20-years, women in the US have come a long way, but the US is still ranked 90th in the world for women in national legislatures, 3% of women have positions of power in the media, while a staggering 3 out 4 American women and young girls have eating disorders.

Watch as Miss Representation builds momentum with an array of inspirational stories and interviews with leading academics, journalists, entertainers and activists.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/lindsey.duncan.779 Lindsey Duncan

    This was amazing. It was powerful, incredibly well put together and the message was beautifully. It did a great job of showing us a problem and not finger pointing to everyone else but allowing us to accept responsibility. And also allowing us to accept the responsibility to change it. I would highly recommend this movie to young girls and women as well as young boys and men who are trying to make sense of the dissimilarities between what they are told the world should be like and the way it actually is.

  • joseph marshall

    Great film. Opened my eyes.

  • Nicole

    Incredibly moving and powerful. It really enlightens people to how our media really works in our everyday lives and how we all play into it. Very sad, but also encouraging for young women (and men) to take a stand.

  • Iownedyou

    I get the point, Women are seen as either sexy or bitchy. I believe in a middle-ground of Not trying to hard too fight the stereotypes, but not conforming to them. Women and Men, Boys and Girls of America need to just keep on doing what they are doing, and not worrying about being OPPOSITE or CONFORMING.

  • Aly Tennyson

    Well actually boys are beginning to kill classmates, and men have always been raping women worldwide en masse. So no they do not need to keep on doing as they are doing.

  • http://nortonsgreen.ca Aileen

    I appreciate the message in this doc that women need to support each other in this movement toward female as leader. Only in the west, it seems, she is not seen as having leadership qualities. Another comment I really liked was that sixty-seven other countries have had female leadership…. the U.S. is not one of them… and neither is Canada, I might add. I feel this is, or will soon, change. I have long known the patriarchy fully intended to cut the female from the supporting of one another, as it knew full well how we, at one time, empowered each other by way of the supporting of each other. Media now has done the deplorable deed of finishing off the patriarchal agenda, the good old boy agenda… how very sad. Only women can change this, I believe, and as exampled in this doc. Jennifer Siebel Newsom, thank you for this documentary, and Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Lisa Ling, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Courie, Rachel Maddow, Rosario Dawson, Dr. Jackson Katz, Dr. Jean Kilbourne, Gloria Steinem, Oprah and Rosie O’Donnell, as well as the women interviewed, my personal mentors while I was a TV watcher, not such a little while ago… an empowering documentary and gift as a significant leap to what we can do to empower our selves… thank you!

  • mrg6498

    Miss Representation left me with the sinking feeling of total failure. I realized that in my lifetime (i am 60 yrs old) women made no progress. Someone in the documentary said, if we go forward at the speed we have been going, it will take Women 500 years(!!!) to get where Men are. How depressing is that!

  • Jules63

    Fantastic documentary. Thank you.

  • Jules 63

    I know exactly what you mean. Im 52 this year and I feel like I have let my daughter and every other young women in my life down.

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