Obey is a film based on the book Death of the Liberal Class by journalist and Pulitzer prize winner, Chris Hedges.

The film charts the rise of the Corporate State, and examines the future of obedience in a world of unfettered capitalism, globalisation, staggering inequality and environmental change.

Obey predominantly focuses on American corporate capitalism, but it is my hope that the viewer can recognise the relevance of what is being expressed with regards to domestic political and corporate activity.

We’re not only dreamers but also doers. We believe in actions not in violence; we believe in collaboration not in segregation. Numbers, figures, and hash-tags are labels to help us organize this chaotic world. Stories, however, give meaning to our lives and unite us to the shared visions.

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  • yurik

    Wow!!! the future looks pretty bleak.

    • akal morel

      Future? what future?
      the present is already bleak as it is …