One Little Pill

One Little Pill An in-depth look at the generic medications used for treating and curing alcoholism.
Adam Schomer

Around the world, alcohol abuse causes more deaths than HIV, almost 3.3 million each year. Yet what you may believe is, and Alcoholics Anonymous purports, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic,” might not be quite as true as you think.

Neither is the core principle of treating alcohol abuse that we all take as the truth. Science has proven that abstinence doesn’t solve addiction, in fact, it can increase the craving.

So why has this one particular method of rehabilitation dominated our thought since the 1930’s? Why are profitable rehab clinics unwilling to change? And why are the millions being denied a single life-saving drug that has been approved since 1994?

One Little Pill uncovers the simple and safe method that has a success rate of 78%, revealing the obstacles surrounding it, and those people just now finding it.

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