Poisoned Horses

Poisoned Horses documents the experience of Cathy and Wayne Justus in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. For several years their world class horses experienced incredibly debilitating symptoms for seemingly without an apparent explanation.

The local veterinarian tested for every known possible cause, but could not come up with an explanation. Eventually, Dr. Lennart Krook, Professor Emeritus of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine diagnosed the Justus’s horses as suffering from fluoride poisoning as a result of consuming fluoridated drinking water.

Because of Cathy’s tenacious insistence with the local water department concerning the science of the issue, and because citizens of Pagosa Springs had educated themselves, fluoridation was eventually stopped in their community.

We are very happy to report that Wayne and Cathy’s horses and dogs are now living healthy happy lives with no fluoride symptoms whatsoever now that fluoridation has been stopped in Pagosa Springs.

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