Bombers On the Run

The Real Crime series continues with this documentary about a foiled attempt to bomb London. Two weeks after the 7/7 bombings, police raced to thwart another terrorist attempt in the capital.

On 21 July 2005 the country was still grieving for the victims of the attack on 7 July – in fact, a memorial service was taking place that day – but a group of bombers were mounting a new attack.

Three detonated devices at Shepherd’s Bush, Warren Street and Oval underground stations, while another attempted to blow up a bus in Shoreditch. One abandoned his device. Fortunately, none detonated properly. Real Crime speaks to witnesses of the bombers attempted attacks and officers from West Midlands Police specialist firearms unit who had to make an instant decision when faced with one of the men carrying a bag full of explosives.

It’s a stark reminder of how close London came to another day of disaster.

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