The Science of Spying

Once upon a time spying and espionage was a straightforward game, but now there is something new in the science of spying. It’s not just about stealing military hardware or stealing secret plans, but using tanks, plans and men to promote US policies around the world, and sometimes to overthrow governments we just don’t like. Most countries do it, most countries deny it.

In the spy business, the dagger is replacing the cloak, and that is what this documentary is about.

Self protection is a primary function of any organism, that is as true of the green grass as it is of continental nuclear powers. Since the beginning of man, tribes and clans and nations have spied on one another, across the valleys, across the oceans, and now across the world. We watch for the electronic imprint of the enemies bombers, we listen for the whine of his missiles. We send beautiful sophisticated machines over his territory to monitor his coded talk, to tally his gantries, to make inventory of his weapons. The very air is full of information for the spies of today.

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