The Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular suicide destination in the world. Over the course of 2004 Eric Steel filmed the famous bridge in attempt to capture people leaping to their deaths. On average one person jumped to their death every 15 days during filming the bridge.

Steel interviews family and friends of some of the identified people who had thrown themselves from the bridge, not informing them that he had captured footage of their loved ones’ deaths.

When filming began in early 2004, the crew captured only splashes on the water and only knew someone had jumped once the Coastguard had arrived on the scene. The first jumper caught was not behaving as you would expect – crying and weeping – but, rather, was jogging, talking on a phone, laughing, and then out of nowhere suddenly leaping off the bridge to his death.

The Bridge shows many jumpers, and many being saved from jumping. One woman who was attempting to leap over the edge traversed the upper railing to the lower railing only to be pulled by her collar back to safety by a photographer.

In all film-makers tried to intercede when they could, succeeding in preventing six jumps. But in most cases there was either no warning, or no time to prevent the jump.

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