The Gerson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle The Gerson Miracle documentary offers a path to a healthier diet plan that can help the body use its healing powers to restore health and treat cancer
Steve Kroschel

The Gerson Miracle introduces us to Dr. Max Gerson, the physician who developed the inexpensive Gerson therapy that helps the body use its healing powers to restore health and reverse disease.

Based on a vegetarian diet, organic juice, and dietary supplements, the therapeutic treatment has shown phenomenal success rates in treating and reversing cases of advanced cancer.

Initially, Gerson created the therapy to heal his headaches. After his method had worked, and his health problems cured, he decided to share with people his miracle diet plan that boosts the immune system and rids the body of toxins.

In the face of overwhelming opposition from big pharmaceutical corporations and the American Medical Association, Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, keeps the life-saving nutritional therapy alive.

The Gerson Miracle movie offers people a path to a healthier lifestyle and features patients who speak passionately about their ability to recover successfully from some of the deadliest cancers.

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