The Record Breaker

The Record Breaker This documentary tells the story of Ashrita Furman, the greatest record breaker of all of time who currently holds 167 Guinness World Records.

Ashrita Furman is the greatest record breaker of all time. Since 1979, he has set a whopping 484 official Guinness World Records and currently holds 167. As a kid Furman had a huge fascination with the Guinness Book of Records, for him the book was like a bible. But being a non-athlete, he never figured he could actually hold a world record himself.

From catching the most Hard Boiled Eggs in the mouth in one minute, Most Apples Sliced in Mid-Air with a Samurai Sword, Longest Distance Bicycling Underwater to Banana slicing with a sword on a slackline in one minute, Furman definitely holds some weird records. In the The Record Breaker, we follow Furman as he trains to set a new new record: climbing Machu Picchu on stilts. During the film we also get to see a demonstration of Furman balancing a lawn mower on his chin, walking around in the world’s heaviest shoes and twirling the world’s largest hula hoop around his waist.

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