The Truth About Exercise

Michael Mosley investigates the science behind high-intensity workouts

If you thought exercise was just about pounding the streets or hitting the gym for hours on end, then prepare to be amazed in this documentary. This film presents the science that may change your view about exercise.

In Michael Mosley’s documentary The Truth About Exercise,¬† he steps into the world of exercise science and looks at the new research that suggests that we can get many of the health benefits of exercise by doing a high-intensity workout for just three minutes per week, that’s right, just 3 minutes.

It’s something that goes against everything Mosley was taught at medical school¬†and everything he has read since.

The startling truth about exercise has turned out to be a lot stranger than you can imagine, research coming out of the laboratories is challenging what most of us thought about how to exercise, and for Mosley, it has altered the way he lives his life, and it may well just alter the way you live yours.

Using himself to test this theory, he reveals the new science of exercise that may be the secret of living longer and healthier lives.

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