Titanic: The New Evidence

Titanic: The New Evidence New evidence suggests that a fire was raging in Titanic's boiler rooms before it left port and was kept secret, now it's believed that's what caused her to sink.
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For more than 100 years, many of us have believed that the Titanic sank when she hit an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

In this documentary, new research has emerged that suggests the Titanic was sunk due to a fire that was already raging in the ship’s hull before it left port for Southampton.

The smoldering coal fire is now believed to have played a significant role in weakening the RMS Titanic’s defenses to an iceberg. This does not preclude an iceberg, which is still very much in the mix.

The film follows Senan Molony, a reporter who has spent plenty of time researching the Titanic and has even published many books on the ship. His theory is built around new photos of the vessel before leaving port, a fresh look at testimonials from officers, survivors, and computer models that highlight what damage a smoldering coal fire could have caused structurally.

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