Unholy Silence

Unholy Silence The Catholic Church claims its response to cases of child sex abuse should be compassionate and that abusers should be brought to justice

The Catholic Church wants the public to think that when it comes to cases of child sex abuse, that each case should be dealt with in a compassionate manner and those responsible should be brought to justice. But does the Catholic Church follow its own principles?

In the documentary Unholy Silence, Geoff Thompson investigates several cases of abuse involving young children that were committed over many years. The abuse these children were subjected to was horrifying, the impact on the victims lives is unimaginable, but may be one of the most alarming things about it all is that the Catholic Church looked the other way to the priest’s crimes.

This documentary asks why, despite all the evidence pointing towards the abuser, the Church allowed him to move from parish to parish, apparently without alerting the police. It also reveals that even now the Church will not admit the full extent of what it knew about the priest’s activities.

You will hear the stories first-hand from the young men themselves, whose lives were completely devastated by the abuse.

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