Three people switch to a vegan diet and uncover startling facts about the food industry

Vegucated Vegucated follows three people who switch from an animal based diet to a vegan diet for six weeks and discover some startling facts about the food industry
Marisa Miller Wolfson

Vegucated follows the stories of three New Yorkers who switch from their typical fast food Western diet full of animal products to a strict vegan lifestyle for six weeks.

Brian is your regular bacon loving guy who loves eating out and avoids cooking at home; Ellen, a single mother, psychiatrist, and comedian who enjoys making people laugh over cooking; and Telsa, a student who lives with her family and will eat anything besides vegetables.

In the movie, we hear from Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Professor T. Colin Campbell, who point out the benefits of consuming a vegan plant based diet.

Intrigued with the weight loss and health benefits following a whole food lifestyle, the three find themselves on a path that reveals a hidden side of the animal agriculture they loved just a few weeks earlier. And it doesn’t take long before the three of them start to question if movies like Food, Inc. go far enough in unveiling what is happening in the American food industry. At one stage during the documentary, the three trespassed on a deserted slaughterhouse and discovered the cruel facts of animal farming which inspired them to embrace their newly found cause.

In this part sociological investigation and part adventure story, the movie showcases how three ordinary people find themselves on a social crusade to create an environmentally cleaner and greener world, one bite at a time.

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