What ever Happened to Hip Hop?

What ever Happened to Hip Hop? This documentary presents views from hip hop founders, contributors, and artists in an attempt to return its audience to the four principles: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun.

Overcoming the odds, the originators of hip hop took their music from block parties on New York City streets to worldwide radio waves. During Hip Hop’s years, the music and message reached new heights by exploring humanity, politics, and street life, while keeping it real and having fun. Currently the most pervasive music worldwide, its roots have been forgotten.

What Ever Happened to Hip Hop? isn’t only about the music. Rather, it’s a scathing social commentary about just what happens when the inheritors of a purists’ craft sells out a movement to MNCs that would prefer to maintain their vice-grip on the direction of the movement’s disruptive message rather than permit it the free rein it requires to thrive.

Featuring KRS One, Afrika Bambaataa, Slick Rick, Busy Bee, MC Lyte, Kool Keith, Gemini, Ceeknowledge, Nikki Giovanni, Jean Grae, GLC, and many others.

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