Hidden-Camera Reveals McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Disturbing Secret

If you thought McDonald’s pink slime was shocking, wait until you watch the hidden video footage released by Animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals, exposing how chickens are treated before being turned into McDonald’s famous Chicken McNuggets.

The graphic footage was recorded at T&S Farm in Dukedom, Tennessee by an investigator for Mercy for Animals, who was employed by the Tyson Foods-contracted farm in 2015.

The covert activist, who worked at T&S in July and August, captured footage of workers beating chickens with nails attached to makeshift clubs and stepping on the heads of live chickens. One employee can be heard on video asking,“You don’t work for PETA, do you?” before bludgeoning a chicken to death with a homemade spiked bat.

Both Tyson and McDonald’s have since distanced themselves from the Tennessee farm.

Watch the video. Warning: The video contains graphic footage.

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