Comment Policy

Documentary Lovers invites everybody to leave friendly and useful comments about their favourite films. Saying that, we do have a few do’s and don’ts that are enforced on a daily basis.

The reason for our comment policy is to ensure our community is one of respect and politeness towards other users’ comments and opinions.
We have come up with some ground rules that we hope everyone will adhere to.

1. What we are here for.
It’s simple. To watch interesting films that we can talk, discuss, share and get a better understanding of what’s happening in the world around us.

2. Be relevant.
Stick to the topic at hand. Documentary Lovers is not the place to conduct personal conversations. We would also like to remind you never to share your personal information on an open medium.

3. Place nicely.
Address other people the way you would want to be addressed. No name-calling, no personal attacks or indirect insults.

4. Crossing the line.
There are a number of things we wil not tolerate. Obscenities, threats, hate speech, views that ethnically or racially offensive, abusive comments and spam. Crossing the line will result in your comment being removed, and possible inability to comment on other films.

5. Moderation.
For the most part, comments on our site may be removed through community flagging or for other reasons. If your comment is not available straight away it’s most likely been held for approval. While we try to maintain real-time discussions by getting to your pending comment as soon as possible, this is not always possible.

6. Commenting.
If you do not know how to leave a comment on our site or if you’re having problems using Disqus, please visit the Disqus Knowledge Base.