12 Year Old Lifer

The horrific story of two young boys who murdered without any motive.

Zara Hayes

In a small American town in April 2010, 12-year-old Paul Gingerich and his friend Colt Lundy murdered Colt’s stepfather. The brutal killing of Phillip Danner was committed by the two young boys, who had no priors. It was a story that shocked and puzzled the American public.

The documentary 12-Year-Old Lifer, gives viewers unprecedented access to the boys and their court case.

We hear from Gingerich and Lundy in recorded interviews who detail the crime they committed while giving us their own version of the events that day.

It’s a story of how the two juveniles planned the murder in a playground after school before using Phillip Danner’s own guns to carrying out the crime.

After killing Danner, the two boys used his car to flee the scene and were later arrested by police over 200 miles away. And still, today, a clear motive for the murder has never been revealed. In spite of how young both boys were at the time, they were tried and convicted as adults, and both given 30 years for their part in the murder.

At 12-years-old, Paul Gingerich was one of the youngest in US history to be tried as an adult. His friend Colt Lundy, was carted straight off the maximum security where he will remain until he is old enough to join the adult prison population.

Paul’s family sparked a controversial appeal for him to be re-tried as a child, which could result in him serving out his sentence in a juvenile facility.

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