24 Hours On Craigslist

Michael Ferris Gibson

Craigslist is a simple text based, free online posting service that people can use to sell their goods, find love, and recruit potentials for their business.

But what is it about the web’s most popular message boards?

Since its opening in 1995 as a free and easy way for people to communicate, the site now receives billions of page views per month and connects people all over San Francisco.

In 24 Hours On Craigslist, a camera crew sets out to document a day in the life of its users and shows us some of the weird and wacky things you can expect to find on the website.

From those seeking compulsive roommates or one night stands, to a drag queen searching for band members or the women looking for sperm donors, you’re bound to find something humorous or ridiculous on Craigslist.

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