Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)


In 1999, an immense operation began, an operation that has involved the dispersal of massive amounts of fine materials or aerosols into our atmosphere.

The implications of this operation are grave and far-reaching. The aerosol emissions are now well-entrenched into the air supply. These changes in the very air we breathe have a fundamental impact on all life on this planet. Also in 1999, Clifford Carnicom, a scientist and researcher, launched a website to call attention to the aerosol operation that was closely monitored by high level government organizations and military agencies.

These same organizations have carried on a campaign of continuous dismissal of the urgency of the issue and refusal to publicly investigate it. Since 1999, Clifford Carnicom carried out a series of scientific methods to examine the dramatic alteration of the atmosphere. The test results yielded extraordinary levels of particulates and unusual filaments, crystals and powders. Also found are unique airborne biological components.

Any discussion of health effects of the aerosol programs must include the appearance of a new syndrome, Morgellon’s syndrome. Recent research strongly indicates that the underlying symptoms of Morgellon’s syndrome are much deeper than the skin lesions and the presence of unusual filaments that emanate from sores.

The research indicates a strong correlation of form between certain environmental samples and the biological samples from Morgellon’s patients. The evidence is now clear that the aerosol operations are a covert activity. From all of the data gathered at this point, there could be said to be seven main reasons why aerosol operations are being conducted as follows:

Modification and control of weather and the environment
Electromagnetic operations ·Military operations
Biological operations
Planetary and geophysical change
Sophisticated surveillance systems
Ionic disturbance detection

It has been claimed that these aerosol operations are intended to lessen the negative effects of global warming. Unfortunately, the facts do not support these theories. A glimpse into the military window has been achieved, and the central theme that has emerged is of control: when the atmosphere of the planet is controlled, life itself is controlled.

The sober reality is that the health of this planet has already been disastrously affected and we simply do not have much time to reverse it. If we remain silent we are certain to lose our freedom and security.

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