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This film takes a look at how a bunch of Reagan-era misfit kids turned Punk Rock into a social movement. American Hardcore traces the genres birth and evolution, and those who sought a better world or just wanted to raise hell. It’s a documentary that features plenty of underground footage that was shot during the hardcore movement, including the band members from Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and loads more.

Shot and edited over a five year period, the film features never-seen-before clips that were sent it by the bands themselves. Many of the films interviews were filmed in both Paul Rachman’s and Steven Blush’s apartments to make the audience think the interviews were shot in different locations. American Hardcore also features the photography of Edward Colver notably and principally, and his shot of Danny Spira from Wasted Youth covered in blood was used for the book cover.

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  1. First: I love this documentary!
    Second: “Punk’s Not Dead!” just took another form
    Third: I want to use this documentary for my research project, can I get some info for my citation? -Who’s the author or contributor? Publisher/ Sponsor? aaaand Date when it was electronically published.
    You can email me or just respond here.

    Thanks in advance!

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