America’s Prison Problem


The American prison system has more inmates than any other country in the world, spending billions per year to keep over two million prisoners behind bars.

In the last three decades, harsh sentencing laws have been a major factor in the rise of the inmate population. One mandatory sentence is known as the three strike rule, see’s people serving life for a variety of crimes.

Why is the United States sentencing so many people to time behind bars and what is the reason for California’s new push for leniency? There is an obvious sign that American’s are reconsidering crime and punishment handed out are a voter’s initiative on California’s November ballot called Proposition 36 that seeks to make changes to the three strike law.

Activists who are bringing public attention to a change in the Californian three strike law are trying to raise public awareness about the living conditions for those behind bars, directing additional attention to the use of special security units at maximum security prisons.

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