Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened

Jacques Peretti

The story of what really happened to Amy Winehouse is revealed in this documentary through interviews with friends and family.

The movie looks at how Winehouse absorbed every emotional turmoil she had experienced in her life and expressed it via her music. Famous for her sharp vocals and songwriting skills, Amy mixed musical genres such as soul, jazz, and R&B to become famous around the globe.

On occasions, the famous singer was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons from being the poster girl for drug abuse through to exposure of her mental health problems.

Like Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, Winehouse died during the prime of her life aged just 27. Found dead in her London apartment, she was one of the most talented artists of her generation.

Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened examines Winehouse’s collection of broken hearts, from the divorce of her parents to her failed romantic relationships.

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