Anaheim: A Tale of Two Cities


Disneyland, Anaheim California, is the second most popular amusement park in the world, a place where you would expect to find happiness. But in July 2012, two young Latino men were shot and killed by Anaheim police.

What followed when 25 year old Manuel Diaz was shot in the back of the head as he was running from the police was some of the worst civil unrest this city has ever seen.

As the community protested against police brutality they were met with riot-clad geared police firing rubber bullets, further fuelling violence and bringing national attention to the home of Disneyland.

While the images shocked the population, it left plenty of unanswered questions: Why did it happen? Will it happen elsewhere in the U.S.? And are there two Anaheims?

This documentary by Aljazeera’s Fault Lines examines the underlying causes of the recent unrest in Anaheim.

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