Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents


It starts with a scene of maternal anguish, but this is not your ordinary mother. You see, twenty-five years ago Monique Lepine‚Äôs son Marc murdered 14 women. Today his mother connects the dots between her son’s crimes and his abused upbringing.

In the years since Marc’s murderous rampage, our understanding of how a young child’s developing brain has changed. With our current understanding today, it’s highly likely that many criminals out there could be stopped in their tracks – before they graduate school. And if we can keep one kid from serving a life sentence in prison, that would save millions to the taxpayer. The cost of crime is just the tip of the iceberg.

Troubled kids also cost countries billions in health, education and social services each year, not forgetting the immeasurable pain and suffering.

Can we fix this problem now for a fraction of the cost. We certainly can. Researchers have tracked the progress of enrolled in pioneering high-quality early childhood intervention programs. Four decades on, and those kids who got help earlier are much more successful, and are leading healthier lives as adults.

Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents follows the stories of children and parents who are enrolled in groundbreaking interventions. The programs are designed to work with families so the children can learn and master the skills they need to live a healthy adult life, like self-control and self-regulation. From middle-class kids to those living in poverty, you will witness young kids transforming their behaviors, solving social problems, and not to forget the saving of taxpayer dollars.

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