Baby Beauty Queens

This film goes inside the glitzy world of the child beauty scene


Baby Beauty Queens takes us into the glitzy world of child beauty contests to follow the stories of young kids as they get ready to enter the UK’s first ever pre-teen beauty pageant competition.

We first meet the school geek who, at 13, changed her appearance to become Britain’s most crowned beauty queen. Next up is a six-year-old smothered in eyeliner, mascara and foundation.

Then there is eight-year-old Mathew, who loves donning high heels and a skirt and we can’t forget the evangelical Christians who believe God will help them to become Britain’s first child beauty pageant.

From the costly catwalk coaches to designer dresses, all eyes are fixated on the cash prize. The tears and tantrums are abundant as all the young hopefuls work overtime to win the grand prize of being crowned queen of the beauty pageant.

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